Meet Our Team

Jack Bedard

Co-founder, CEO

Jack is a student-athlete at Santa Clara University majoring in Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder and CEO of uBridge and has always been very passionate about entrepreneurship. This is Jack’s second startup venture at Santa Clara and he hopes that uBridge can be a useful tool for other university entrepreneurs to create and innovate.

Jon Skipper

Co-founder, CFO

Jon is a student-athlete at Santa Clara University studying Corporate Finance and Philosophy and is the co-founder and CFO of uBridge. Originally from Wisconsin, Jon graduated from Marquette University High School and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to join the startup environment.

Lily Vesce

Marketing Director

Lily is studying Accounting, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University. Originally from New York City, she came to Santa Clara to be surrounded by the opportunities in Silicon Valley. Lily has been a competitive swimmer her whole life and believes that having a strong team is the most valuable component of success.

Adam Miller


Adam is a second-year Computer Science & Engineering major at Santa Clara University. His interests include full-stack web development and graphic design. In his free time, Adam can be found playing trumpet or experimenting with random web applications.

Jackson Wheeler


Jackson is a second-year Computer Science student at Santa Clara University. Living in the Bay Area, programming has been a big part of his life from a young age. He is primarily interested in web development and machine learning.

Ryan Cain


Ryan is a Computer Science & Engineering student at Santa Clara University. He grew up in Southern California and you'll always find him jamming out to music no matter the activity. He is interested in Network Security, Backend Development, and Software Engineering. Ryan is excited to bring the core functionality of uBridge to life.

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